KC207 - Knit Corduroy Kaki

65% Cotton - 30% Polyester - 5% Elastane 3 Ratings

150cm - 330gr/mt2
Machine washable at 30ºC
Do not bleach
Do not dry clean
Do not iron

Khaki circular knit corduroy fabric with a certain elasticity, perfect for making comfortable, hard-wearing garments for the everyday adventures of the little ones of the family.

-Jersey needle, SUK ballpoint/ thickness: 70/80
-Sew with low tension in the top thread of the sewing machine and a small stitch so that, when you pull the seams, the backstitch does not break. Avoid pulling the fabric when sewing so that the seams do not stretch.
-If you have an overlock machine, ideal for all types of seam, adjust the differential feed until you see that the fabric is not pulling.
-Hem with a twin jersey needle.
-Cut all the pieces in the same direction of the pile of the fabric to prevent changes in its shine.

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