Have fun knitting and crocheting bikinis, tops and baby clothing with Summer Comfort, a soft and cool yarn ideal for the summer. This fine cord type yarn is made in a blend of polyamide and viscose. As a result, its elasticity makes it a perfect choice for fitted tops and beach wear. The viscose rich composition ensures that the knit and crochet garments are cool and lightweight.

Home Cottage

Katia Home Cottage is a rustic tape perfectly combining a natural-colored flamé cotton strand with recycled polyester, which adds color to the yarn. A handicraft-effect yarn that comes as a 200-gram cone, perfect to create all sorts of practical accessories and home décor pieces.

Poplin Africa Main Cotton

This poplin fabric with an African themed jungle print features tigers, snakes, trees and cacti illustrated in soft pink, green and orange on a sandy green background. Its soft handle and 100 % cotton composition make the Poplin Africa Main cotton poplin fabric by Katia Fabrics an ideal choice for sewing accessories and complements, as well as blouses and dresses for girls or women.

100 % cotton fabric with a boat print on a denim blue background. The attractive fine Denim Print Color Ships fabric by Katia Fabrics is an ideal choice for sewing an original shirt for your little one.

Katia stands behind the stores

Traditional yarn shops now count on katia.com, an innovative platform that introduces them to the world of online sales. With every online purchase you are directly supporting a local business. Because when you buy at katia.com, you are buying at your nearest local shop.

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