Mini Explorer CAL

Start: March 15, 2023. Duration: 5 weeks. Project: Blanket consisting of 36 3D granny squares with 24 different motifs. The Mini Explorer CAL Kit contains 34 balls of Katia United Cotton, in 12 different colors, to crochet the Mini Explorer blanket, designed by @gallimelmas, during the next 2023 Katia CAL.

Discover a fun and easy way to learn how to knit, or do crochet. Just take a look at our patterns with videos. On our website, you’ll find a wide range of clothes and accessories designs for women, men, kids, babies, and the home, all with a video tutorial to guide you step by step. The best way to learn to knit is by watching and doing!


Soft tulle with a shiny silver sparkles print. The soft, multicolour Tulle Rainbow Dots fabric is a light, soft tulle, perfect for clothing, accessories and creative sewing projects. Make anything your imagination and your sewing machine can create. Furthermore, your little ones will be left absolutely fascinated with this fabric from Katia Fabrics.

100% cotton denim look fabric with a perfect weight for sewing autumn-winter garments. Thanks to its composition and amusing print simulating eyes in yellow and white on a jeans blue background, you can create fantastic dressy garments and accessories for all the family.

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