VideoKAL 2016: knit with your hands and win Katia kits

UPDATE 03/03/2016

Katia VideoKAL 2016

And the winners of the 3 Katia kits with everything necessary to knit March’s VideoKAL are Horten, Sterni and Cristina.

Congratulations! Many thanks to everybody for participating and sharing your infinity scarves knitted with Katia Look.

Have you ever tried knitting with your hands and arms? We want to suggest that you start the year by learning something different with our 2016 VideoKAL Special. Follow the video instructions and discover how to knit with your hands a cosy infinity scarf; download the free knit pattern and knit your neck warmer or infinity scarf using Katia Look. Share a photo of the results on our Facebook wall, or on Instagram,  during the months of January and February using the hashtag #KatiaKAL2016. All the participants will be automatically entered into a prize draw with the chance to win one of three kits containing the yarn and needles/hooks for the March VideoCAL/KAL.


These are the materials that you will need to knit your neck warmer using your hands and arms. You only need 2 balls of Katia Look and your hands!


You’ll knit your own neck warmer or infinity scarf, using your own hands and arms, in no time at all. The only problem you’re going to have is choosing between the 9 colours of Katia Look.

Take part! You have until the 29th February to share the results on our Facebook page or on Instagram using #KatiaKAL2016. We will raffle Katia kits containing the necessary yarns, knitting needles or crochet hooks so that you’ll be able to make the next challenge. Follow the video at your own pace and if you have any questions we can resolve them here in this entry. Get started with #KatiaKAL2016 New Year Special!

4 comments on VideoKAL 2016: knit with your hands and win Katia kits

  • Isobel Davies

    Hi- I’ve just bought a ball of Tutu ‘ribbon’ yarn and a free pattern came with it to knit a Tutu neck scarf. It tells you to ‘work at the part with the holes making a stitch in each hole’. I’ve no idea what this means and I can’t find any video or even mention of the yarn on your website. Please can you help. A video would be great.

  • Lynda

    Hi, IV been trying to do crochet this pattern from Katia sport magazine modelo 36, with many attempts, plus 6 months, which I purchased, along with 7 balls of beige Alabama wool and 1 ball of white.
    I cannot seem to get the pattern right, do you have a video?
    Can you please help as IV spent to much money to give up, and the only thing that will help me is a video link
    Kind regards

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