Home Magazine: 79 knit, crochet and macramé patterns to decorate your Home

With the new Home magazine you are going to be able to knit and crochet all kinds of cushions, poufs, blankets, rugs, table runners, table cloths, place mats, baskets, net bags… Also, you are going to customise baskets and create covers for plant pots, kitchen jars and stools.

Home Magazine

Furthermore, a series of the patterns have accompanying videos showing you how to work some of the crochet stitches used.

Home Magazine

Home Magazine: Macramé

Throw yourself into the art of macramé with Home 3 and our new Scuby Cotton yarn! We suggest a bag for you and a wall hanging to decorate your home. Both projects are created using Scuby Cotton, a soft and resilient cord yarn available in 24 colours. Would you like to learn how to do macramé? You only need 2 balls to make the boho style bag and 3 balls to make an original wall hanging.

Home Magazine Home Magazine

Recycled Yarns: Love Denim

Discover Love Denim, our new sustainable recycled yarn. Join the philosophy of the 3 ecological R’s: Reducing, Recycling and Reusing.

Home Magazine

  1. Reducing: Less residues and textile dyes. Love Denim lessens the environmental impact due to the reduction of both waste residues and the use of dyes in the recycling process.
  2. Recycling: Regenerated cotton yarn. The origin of the prime material used to make Love Denim is evident: cotton yarn recycled from old jeans.
  3. Reusing: A useful second life. Inside each ball of Love Denim there are endless new creative possibilities. Imagine, transform and give a new life to those old jeans!

Home Magazine

1 Rainbow Big Kit = 1 Rug 

Find everything you need to make an awesome crochet rug in the shape of a star in the Rainbow Big Kit. The Rainbow Big Kit contains one multicolour ball of 100% cotton yarn weighing 700 g, with easystart, a crochet hook, the pattern instructions and a practical bag to protect your balls of yarn whilst working.

Home Magazine

Enter to see the new Home Magazine and add a handmade touch to your home!

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