Handmade gift ideas! 10 free patterns to knit or crochet quick and easy gifts using the new Katia yarns

This Christmas give something made by you! We propose 10 free patterns to knit or crochet quick and easy gifts using the new Katia yarns. We encourage you to create something unique with your own hands this holiday season. Because handmade gift ideas are the best! The ones you chose especially for each individual person. Therefore, for yet another Xmas, we are here to help you with easy gift ideas for your family and friends. Moreover, in this selection of quick free patterns, we will also show you some new Katia yarns for Autumn Winter 20/21. Discover fun projects for those last minute express gifts; for the traditional Secret Santa and; of course, for well-deserved presents to give yourself. Find the perfect gift among thousands of ideas for women, men, kids, baby and home in knit, crochet or macramé, as well as sewing projects on the website.

Handmade gift ideas

Handmade gift ideas

Infallible gifts for knitters & crocheters. If you have arrived at this post because you are looking for a gift to give to knitters and crocheters within your close circle of friends, don’t think twice: go for Katia yarns and new knit & crochet kits. A guaranteed success! 😉

Handmade gift ideas

1 ball of Easy Hat, 1 seamless hat

Let’s start with you, beginner! Make your first handmade gift, without any complications, using Katia Easy Hat. You only need one ball of Easy Hat and our step-by-step video to knit this easy hat on circular needles. Furthermore, the hat is seamless and has a pom pom! This is definitely a quick and fun gift to make following the video tutorial. Are you going to take the plunge and make your first knit hat? So you can give a gift made by yourself to someone this Christmas!

Once you have overcome the fear of knitting with circular needles, continue practising with this cosy double neck warmer made with two balls of Easy Hat. You only need a pair of chunky interchangeable needles to quickly knit up a neck warmer and hat set. We recommend you knit a minimum of two sets: one to give as a gift to someone special and one for yourself. You also deserve to enjoy a first handmade present to yourself. 😉

Knitting with circular needles

Knit Ensemble: The perfect couple

They are the perfect gifts for everyone on their own, but if you combine a cowl and a beanie hat together, there’s no doubt that they make a SUPER GIFT. Are you looking for an express gift that’s both original and handmade? You only need a couple of balls of Knit Ensemble and to download these 2 free and easy knit and crochet patterns. Surprise yourself with these limited edition balls of yarn in a combination of degrade and multicolour effects. From the outside these balls of yarn look very different, but once knitted up you’ll see that they are made for each other.

knit a cowl and a beanie hat together

Kaleido, only for shawl lovers

Knit or crochet? Whatever your favourite technique, crochet a beautiful shawl or knit this colourful scarf with only one ball of the limited edition Katia Kaleido cake type yarn. This carded yarn comes in 8 colour combinations. Moreover, it’s the perfect surprise for oversize shawl fanatics this Christmas.

shawl lovers

Degrades and easy stripes in Galilea

Knit or crochet something easy, without complications… Our multicolour fantasy yarns add that magic touch! Like Katia Galilea, you only need 2 balls to easily knit a short sleeve jumper with a harmonious degrade colour effect blended together in a stripe sequence. Or if you prefer one of these, make a multicolour crochet triangle scarf. Relax whilst you make it using only one ball of marbled degrade yarn!

yarns to knit easy stripes

Exclusive gifts made from Pandora

You can knit a simple and attractive triangle scarf using three balls of Katia Pandora. Or a crochet scarf full of colour using only two balls. Furthermore, you can find the step-by-step video instructions for the fantasy stitch from this crochet stole in the Tips & Tricks section in our Instagram account.

Handmade gift ideas

EXTRA Easy crochet gifts: bags and backpacks

It goes without saying that modern crochet designs – both for handbags and backpacks – are a hit every Christmas. We propose that you combine the velvety touch of Scuby Velvet, with the speed of a size M13 (U.S.) / 9 mm crochet hook and some very easy patterns. On the one hand, a rectangular crochet bag with handles that can also be gifted as a laptop cover. Or on the other hand, a beautiful backpack made in crochet stockinette stitch with a retro design thanks to the buckle and strap fastening. Your next handmade gift ideas for the holiday season?

Handmade gift ideas

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