Download 20 free and easy Christmas gift patterns to knit and crochet for all the family

In around a month from now the Holiday Season will be here…It’s time to prepare the holiday gifts for all the family. If you are running out of time or inspiration, relax! Download free and easy knit and crochet patterns. Choose from a selection of scarves, hats, jackets and ponchos. Furthermore, there are even some blankets and cushions. In addition to this 20 Christmas gift patterns, take a look at the Katia website. Here, you can find up to 5000 knit, crochet, macrame and sewing projects to give to your loved ones. By the way, you also have a chance to win one of 5 super prize giveaways full of Katia yarns and Fabrics. Take part in our Katia 100% YOU prize giveaway draw! We will tell you more at the end of this post… 

Christmas gift patterns

Christmas gift patterns

Scarves and neck warmers

Whether it’s knit or crochet, scarves and neck warmers are ideal gifts when you don’t have a lot of time. Furthermore, you only need one or two balls of yarn! Choose your family and friends favourite colours to knit or crochet easy and quick 100% YOU accessories. Download all these different models for free:

Christmas gift patterns

Christmas gift patterns

Woolly hats for everyone

A warm hat is definitely your best ally on cold wintry days. One ball of yarn is usually enough to knit or crochet a woolly pom pom hat. Moreover, they are unisex accessories suitable for both men and women. Which do you prefer, knit or crochet? Download these free and easy patterns now and decide later!

Woolly hats Woolly hats

Hat + Scarf = The perfect pair

Separately, they are the perfect handmade gift for everyone. But when you give a scarf or neck warmer together with a hat, we are in the presence of a SUPER GIFT.

Free patterns Free patterns

For Argyle Lovers

There are other easy gift ideas to knit and crochet that go way beyond small accessories. We suggest you knit or crochet a charming waistcoat with Magic Diamonds or an elegant poncho in a Scottish check. Learn more about how to knit with planned colour pooling yarns by clicking on this link.

Planned colour pooling

Planned colour pooling

For Faux Fur Fans

Here comes Katia Polar Star! We have combined the Faux Fur Polar yarn with shiny highlights to knit easy modern accessories. Make yourself a gift, or add the finishing touches to your New Years outfit. Download these 2 patterns and give yourself a treat!

Christmas gift patterns Christmas gift patterns

Make a spectacular shawl in natural colours with Katia Polar or knit a soft baby blanket with only 3 balls of Katia Polar Animal Print.

Faux fur shawl Animal print blanket

Give an accessory gift

Crochet bags and rucksacks are fun projects to make. Furthermore, they are easy to customize. Therefore, why not download this clutch pattern with metallic highlights or this solid colour backpack. The receiver of an accessory gift is definitely going to want to show it off.

Crochet backpack

Christmas gift patterns

To add warmth to any home

Lastly, what about giving a gift that will add warmth and a decorative touch to a home? Choose the perfect home accessory from a selection of cushion, blanket, basket and rug patterns.

Planned colour pooling cushion, blanket, basket and rug patterns

cushion, blanket, basket and rug patterns

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