Make a crochet plant pot or Christmas tree basket with the Handmadejolie’s free pattern

My name is Mariska van der Neut, and I am behind Handmadejolie. My love for crochet started when I lived in Sweden for a few years. I prefer to work with natural shades such as white, gray, sand and taupe. By combining several yarns together, you sometimes get a surprising result. I like to try out new things and share my designs on my website, on Facebook and Instagram. I especially like to design home decor items, clothing and accessories. Next spring my first book will be published with more than 25 crochet and knitting projects and beautiful interior photos. But for now, I want to share a free pattern to help you to make a crochet plant pot or a Christmas tree basket with Katia Scuby Cotton.

crochet plant pot

Christmas tree basket

Natural shades ensure peace, space and simplicity.  Undoubtedly, these colors fit perfectly with any interior. Now is the perfect time to create a simple crochet basket for pot Christmas tree. I propose to make in beige a crochet flowerpot with 3 balls Scuby Cotton, a robust and chunky yarn with a nice look. Combine this cotton cord yarn with the cotton tape Big Ribbon in off-white to add some details. You can also use matching buttons for a finishing touch and sew them around the basket. This is a beginner-friendly pattern that works up very fast!

crochet plant pot

Crochet plant pot

Beginners Pattern by Handmadejolie

Level Easy

Materials. 3 balls of Katia Scuby Cotton color 102, 1 ball of Katia Big Ribbon color 3, crochet hook size 9 mm, tapestry needle, 30 buttons (optional)


  • sl st: slip stitch
  • sc: single crochet
  • R: Row
  • sc-blo: single crochet in the back loop
  • sc-flo: single crochet in the front loop
  • inc: Increase = work 2 Sc in the same stitch
  • * *: repeat the stitches between the asterisks as many times as indicated after x

Measurement. Diameter 23 cm x height 20 cm


  • Pattern is written in US terms
  • Work in continuous rounds (in spiral)
  • How to follow the pattern:
    • Example 1: *2 sc, inc* x6 (18) = work 1 single crochet in next 2 stitches, work 1 increase in next stitch (2 Sc in the same stitch). Repeat the above 6 times to get 18 stitches in total.
    • Example 2: 1 sc-blo (48) = work 1 single crochet in the back loop at each stitch of the row to get 48 stitches in total.

Christmas tree basket

Bottom basket

With Scuby Cotton, work 6 sc in a magic ring (6)

R1: inc (12)

R2: *1 sc, inc* x6 (18)

R3: *2 sc, inc* x6 (24)

R4: *3 sc, inc* x6 (30)

R5: *4 sc, inc* x6 (36)

R6: *5 sc, inc* x6 (42)

R7: *6 sc, inc* x6 (48)

Check if the diameter measurements fit the plant pot.

R8-R12: 1 sc-blo (48)

R13: 1 sc (48)

R14-R18: 1 sc-blo (48)

R19: 1 sc-blo. End with 1 sl st (48)

Check if the measurements fit the height of the plant pot. Fasten off.

With Big Ribbon.

R20: 1 sc-flo. End with 1 sl st (48)

Details: With Big Ribbon, attach yarn in the front loop of the 1st stitch of R8. Work 1 sl st in the front loop only in each st till the last stitch of R12. End with 1 sl st. Fasten off. Repeat from the 1st stitch of R14 to the last stitch of R18. End with 1 sl st. Fasten off. Decoration: In R13, sew buttons around the basket for a finishing touch.

Christmas tree basket

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