11 Crochet Home Decor Patterns: lamps, baskets, potholders, cushions, table set…

Happy home is a handmade home! Crochet accessories fit in with any style of interior design. Choose matching colors that fit your interior and add a unique and personal touch to any home. Here you can find a list of chic and stylish crochet home decor ideas, including lamps, baskets, potholders, cushions and table sets. They are perfect for home items and make a great housewarming gift for friends and family. All these patterns are made with our yarns from our Home Line. You can find 10 of the 11 crochet home decor patterns in Casual 106 magazine and also on our website as a PDF 

Crochet Home Decor Patterns

Crochet Home Decor Patterns

Crochet fish potholder  

Learn how to crochet two fish-shaped pot holders with this free crochet pattern. You can create original decoration with just two balls of EKOS in your favorite colors. With this fish-shaped pot holder you can take your pans safely out of the oven. 

Crochet Home Decor Patterns

3 crochet patterns to dress the table 

Set of crocheted accessories to dress the table with fresh colors this summer. In this pattern we explain how to crochet placemats, square coasters and a practical basket for bread or napkins. Choose the Katia Washi colors that best match your dining room or kitchen and play with the color blocks to add your personal touch to the placemats, coasters and bread basket or napkin holder. All patterns can be found in Katia Magazine Woman 106 and on our website. 

table set pattern

  1. Placemat pattern / 2. Square coaster pattern / 3. Bread basket pattern 

crochet coasters

2 crochet cushions 

If you are looking for a natural and simple style for your home, we offer a pair of simple crochet cushions with an always fashionable striped pattern. Combine Big Ribbon and Alabama to create two distinct textures on each side of the pillow. Play with the contrast of colors to decorate your favorite sofa or armchair and a pair of pillows with a lot of personality. 

crochet cushions

  1. White cushion pattern / 2. Brown cushion pattern 

2 crochet baskets with handles 

Nothing is more practical and decorative than this pair of functional baskets with crocheted handles made with Katia Big Ribbon. Choose the colors that best suit your home decor and make these baskets with ethnic borders using the tapestry crochet technique and stockinette stitch. Store your work in progress, use them to tidy up the bathroom or to highlight the plants and hide that graceless pot. Crochet these pots for whatever you want! Do you already know where are you going to place them all? 

Crochet Home Decor Patterns

  1. Square pot pattern / 2. Rectangle pot pattern 

3 crochet lamps to brighten up your room 

Refresh your lamps with a few balls of Scuby Cotton and these simple and unique patterns. We propose you to combine warm and natural tones to give a model touch to both ceiling and floor lamps. You just have to follow the instructions and cover a metal structure for lamps in any of the 3 different sizes. 

Crochet Home Decor Patterns

  1. Yellow lamp pattern / 2. White lamp pattern / 3. Beige lamp pattern 

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