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Sew with Katia Tour II. Jessica Lorraine, Lise tailor y Katharina

sew with katia tour

On this occasion the special guests of our Sew with Katia Tour are 3 handicraft lovers who are as enthusiastic about yarns as they are fabrics. The love of sewing has no boundaries and today we are showing you projects sewn from as far afield as Australia, France and England. The same fabric can change radically depending on the vision of each dressmaker. The details, combinations or modifications can make each garment or accessory unique and special. Are you coming to meet them? Sew with Katia Tour II Jessica Lorraine We are starting with Jessica Lorraine, an Australian who is…

‘Diario de Naii’, ‘Sasha_secondo piano’ and ‘Point barre’ on our Sew with Katia Tour

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We present our very first sewing TOUR “Sew with Katia”. KATIA FABRICS TOUR: Sew with Katia A route where international bloggers, who are passionate about sewing, show us their projects using Katia Fabrics patterns and fabrics. A different way to inspire. ‘Diario de Naii’: Sew with Katia Let’s start with Naii (@diariodenaii), a Brasilian who is an architect by profession but has been based in beautiful Galicia for some years now. She is passionate about both sewing and her kids, for whom she sews most of her projects. In her blog she shares all her projects and furthermore, you can…