Autumn – Winter 2016 / 2017 Trends: 4 fashion colours for knitting and crocheting your essential designs this season

Discover our Autumn – Winter 2016 / 2017 colour trends: Burnt Brick, Dark Plum, Warm Amber and Wet Moss. At Katia we are focusing on 4 fashion colours to use when making your knit and crochet garments this season: Burnt Brick, Dark Plum, Warm Amber and Wet Moss. Intense, vibrant, warm tones that break down the cold, dark, grey winter scenery. Discover the wide range of Katia yarns available in these 4 fashion colours, and furthermore, a series of essential designs by Katia to knit and crochet now and to look great in throughout the autumn – winter season.


Burnt Brick by Katia. An elegant orangey red tile or brick colour which is both warm and autumnal and can be knitted or crocheted using Katia Cashlana col. 112 / Silk Tweed col. 54 / Marathon 3.5 col. 21 /Cotton-Merino col. 120 / Catena Merino col. 214 / Velour col. 71.

Essential designs by Katia: 1) Sweater poncho with a high collar and ribbed sleeves. Model in Katia Basics no. 11. 2) Youthful ensemble made up of a slouch beanie and neck warmer combined with a short furry textured bomber jacket (Fur Trend). Model in Katia Accessories no. 10.


Dark Plum by Katia. Sophisticated, attractive deep plum colour which is available in Ingenua col. 58 / Cashlana col. 110 / Big Merino col. 41 / Merino 100% col. 69 / Merino Sport col. 23 / Catena Merino Fine col. 270 / Merino Aran col. 78.

Essential designs by Katia: 1) Oversize jacket with a delicate light texture (Mohair Trend). Model in Katia Woman Urban no. 91. 2) Cosy garter st waistcoat with an asymmetrical hemline and fastened with a hood. Available in Katia Kids no. 79.


Warm Amber by Katia. Luminous mustard yellow, energetic and daring amber available in Puno col. 71 / Catena Merino col. 222 / Mirage col. 105 / Cotton Merino col. 121 / Merino Silk col. 118 / Maxi Merino col. 47 / Peru col. 21 / Norway col. 31.

Essential designs by Katia: 1) Long printed stripe sweater with a mohair texture and boat neckline. Model in Katia Woman Sport no. 90.  2) Triangular poncho with a toggle fastening and lapel collar. Model in Katia Beginners no. 5.


Wet Moss by Katia. Natural and vibrant moss green tone available in Cashmere 30 col. 207 / Cotton Merino col. 122 / Big Merino col. 17 / Marathon 3.5 col. 14 / Ingenuacol. 13 / Maxi Merino col. 16/ Merino Silk col. 117 / Merino Aran col. 76.

Essential designs by Katia: 1) Straight sweater in a chunky knit with a high collar. 2) English style coat in large sizes available in the Katia Plus section. Models in Katia Woman Basics no. 11.

There’s so much more! Until autumn arrives, look for inspiration in our new Autumn – Winter 2016 / 2017 collection.