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NOMADANomada is an article from the Autumn• Winter 2016-2017 Collection.


Nomada is a journey back to traditions, a way of life and a vision of the future.

This 100% organic wool collection, of Spanish origin and production, invites us to rediscover a nomadic pastoralism.
The wisdom of an ancient craft whose continual evolution has helped it adapt to nature and the use of its resources without harming them, preserving a priceless biodiversity.

At Katia we've joined this adventure that brings us closer to organic forms and unique ecosystems. Km 0 wool, made in Spain from native sheep. With the Made in Slow hallmark indicating that it is made locally with care and respect. Materials and textures born from the heart of the Earth so they can reach the world of fashion in perfect harmony with the environment. Working with the warmth of this yarn is a pleasure that reconciles us with nature and conveys a thousand sensations.

Each ball of yarn is a unique story waiting to be discovered. On every label there is a QR code that gives us the name of each shepherd and his or her flock. At the same time, it allows us to trace a path through the pastures that have been followed and to identify the source of each yarn.

This is Nomada. Hundreds of faces and stories. Balls of yarn with a soul that take us back to our roots.


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Made in Slow