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Christmas by Katia
Surprise your loved ones with something made by you
and enjoy an authentic Christmas made with Katia experience.

Click on each image to download these 5 free patterns.
Decorate your home and get dressed up for the festive season with Katia!
Merry christmas with KATIA.
Download these free patterns.
Wrap your Christmas gifts with wool!
Decorated by Self Packaging.
February is just around the corner:
the most romantic month of all! And you better have Cupid on your side. You can lure him with this heart and arrow shaped cushions. Don’t you just have a crush on the Big Ribbon Plus?
Download. Print. Cut. Add a knitted sample and tell her how important she is for you.
Josep Mestres is, in addition to being a great collaborator and friend of Katia, an artist.
His style and his ideas are exceptional and his creativity infinite.

This has been the second season that he has collaborated with ANDRES SARDA for his catwalk show at CIBELES, September 2011, using yarns donated by Katia, specifically GALAXY #8.
He has developed unique and spectacular models which combine crochet and woven fabrics.

We can recognise the effort behind such a great project and appreciate being able to watch the video.
Don't miss it, believe me it's worth it.
Ho Ho Ho! Merry Handmade Christmas!
"Ding, ding, ding..." Do you hear it? It's the sound of jingle bells announcing that Christmas is around the corner. Have you already decorated your home? Here are some ideas for you to decorate your Christmas tree with amigurumis, to wrap gifts with our kit Katia and to surprise your loved ones with a table full of wonderful details.

Download all patterns here.
READY, STEADY... CHRISTMAS! (News for shops: Christmas contest)