Arles Merino

An excellent quality mulesing-free wool made in France with more than two centuries of history and tradition. We work directly with local Merino sheep breeders from the area of Arles who strictly follow the protocols and regulations for flock care. For this reason, Merino Arles is UPRA-certified; UPRA is a French organization responsible for the merino breed in Arles.

A voluminous wool with an organic cotton chain core and the best Merino wool. A versatile yarn perfect both for knitting and crochet with 3-mm needles or crochet hook, given its weight. Since it can be machine-washed, we recommend Cotton-Merino Fine for knitting garments for the youngest members of the family or daily wear pieces for yourself.

Free Online Sewing Course for Beginners

Learning to sew online is a great alternative in this new digital world, where lack of time makes it difficult for us to go in person to schools or shop workshops to learn to sew. For this reason, we launched a free online sewing course on YouTube to learn the most important sewing techniques.

Children feel and do a lot of different things, but what they all have in common is that they always do things in a genuine way, without preset rules. Doing things in a new way that nobody has ever tried before, which is what makes them visionaries.

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