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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these Love Socks knitted with Katia Bombon and a lot of love

Love Socks

We propose that you celebrate Valentine’s Day by sharing your love of knitting with your partner, your family, your friends or whoever you want. Therefore, this 14th of February we’re suggesting to knit some soft, cosy Love Socks using Katia Bombon. On the one hand, you’ll surprise with a simple fun-loving message. As you’ll easily see from the word LOVE that can be read when you put your feet together. And on the other hand, it’s a nice romantic gesture to look after the soft skin of your feet. Above all, no cold feet this Valentine’s Day! Caress the furry texture of Katia…

Sofa, film and Maxi Merino blanket on Valentine’s Day

Knit lover! There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, including way beyond the 14th February. Like when you arrive at home, sit down on the sofa and dedicate time to your partner, kids, friends or to any of those things that you’re passionate about: reading, listening to music, watching a film, and of course, knitting or crocheting… with love. A passion for knitting and crocheting that starts on this sofa, but that extends much further, isn’t that true? For example: by sharing an image of your latest project on Instagram; by thinking about the favourite colours that you’ll use…

Birds of a feather flock together with Amigurumi 100% Cotton

Once upon a time… a very courteous wolf who had fallen in love with a very flirty sheep were happily wandering between cotton bushes. This is true love! Of all the animals in the wood Cupid had shot his arrows into the little hearts of these two completely different creatures. As the saying goes: birds of a feather flock together… However strange this couple may be! Download the pattern for this lovely and strange amigurumi couple and combine the colours from the Amigurumi 100% Cotton selections nos. 3 and 4. A fun and original gift that won’t fail to surprise on…

Love at first sight! Heart & Arrow cushions in Big Ribbon Plus

February is here! And so is Cupid once again springing into action with his love arrows aimed directly at our hearts. If he’s left you love struck we suggest that you make this pair of cushions to celebrate his good marksmanship for the year ahead. Download the free pattern to crochet this pair of cushions in the shape of a heart and an arrow. You only need a few balls of Big Ribbon Plus and a little loving care to decorate your favourite corner of the sofa or bed. Experience the sweetest arrow shot this Valentine’s Day with Big Ribbon Plus!